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Anhui ColePak Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is located in a famous historical and cultural city of Anqing (4hours by train from Shanghai Port). It is a global high-tech industry specializing in manufacturing liquid aseptic paper-based packaging materials, and supplying aseptic paper carton filling machines, complete sets of beverage equipment and technology. The ColePak is affiliated by Anhui Sanhuan Paper Group founded in 1987, which cover an manufacturing area over 70 acres (about 42,000 square meters), employs around 200 staffs and investment of 200 million RMB( 30 million USD). The main manufacturing plant of package producing design meets the GMP standard, has obtained the QS certification of HACCP food safety system certification. The ColePak installs the world's most advanced environmental protection flexographic lining 8 colors printer with online creasing line and straw whole molding system, automatic high-speed six-layer one time laminating production line, all kinds of high-precision high-speed cutting machines, advanced equipment for diagnosing diseases e.t.c. In this case to guarantee ColePak an annual production capacity of 4 billion pcs for liquid paper-based aseptic seven-layers package rolls , packed and palletized automatically with non-touching of human being before delivered to the filling factory. All output package rolls conform to the FSC and other environmental protection, health and safety certification, and reach the international advanced level.


Making Aseptic Package For Beverage for Decades Year.


One World, One Company, One Standard.

Filler Design

Suitable for Beverage, Dairy, Liquor Product, Forbiden for Carbonated and Bits Drinks.


Target for Global Business, Grow Up with Sole Agency.

Our Devices

The world's most advanced environmental protection flexographic lining 8 colors printer Eight Color Group Lining Flexo Printing Machine by Servo-Motor Driving System, Non-Axis Limited for printing design. Installed Pack RoII- S Auto Detecting Quality Ensuring system.


Our products

Internal PE Layer

product contact surface

Adhesive Resin

adhesion between aluminium and product contact surface layers

Aluminium Film

light, gas and contamination barrier


lamination layer between alu film and cartonmaterial



package structure for strength and stability


High impact graphics

External PE Layer

protection against humidity and externalContamination

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